Tom Farbanish
Tom Farbanish composes his sculptural constructions out of elements that work together as an ensemble. Like a small group of actors or musicians, the individual parts function individually and together. The drama lies in how Farbanish keeps "his players" from spinning out of control. The multimedia artist's fluid approach mirrors that of glass, his primary medium. He draws with pencil, paint, and also with wire. There's plenty of gesture in his painted surfaces, but also a gestural quality to his crushed and painted aluminum.
Farbanish works in mixed media, mixed materials, mixed color, mixed surfaces, mixed planes, and mixed references. Another artist might have become impressed with his own agility and have turned self-congratulatory. But Farbanish binds the variety of materials, colors, and forms together by maintaining the tone - a witty pop sensibility - and he never allows his slight of hand to become pretentious or clever. The work remains light on its feet.

Victoria Josslin